5 Ultimate Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme

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WordPress has become the favorite of the developers in a very short period of time since it was launched as a blogging platform in 2003. While it was launched initially, it instantly connected well with the bloggers around the world because of the features that were introduced and provided a hassle-free writing platform for the bloggers to connect with the audience for free. WordPress did not begin as we it today- a power packed full-fledged CMS made to create websites by PSD to WordPress theme conversion and that too, in a very less time.


The free and paid templates and themes which can further be customized to the requirements of any business, Dynamism and robustness are the two USPs of this amazing powerhouse called WordPress. Customization is possible when you hire WordPress developer who can convert PSD to WordPress website in a very professional and step-by-step manner.

We are going to list out the steps below which are the prerequisites of any website. The PSD design files are converted, first to HTML and then to WordPress theme.

Let’s start out with the process using this the step-by-step guide:

1.Evaluation of the PSD design file:

A professional developer starts out by evaluating and reviewing the PSD design files. Customized design starts here. Even the design changes can be done if the files are opened in Adobe Photoshop software. In this very first step, a team of developers of the company also tries to comprehend the technologies to be deployed while executing the process to convert PSD to WordPress website.

2. Slicing PSD files:

After the PSD files are properly reviewed by the professionals in order to carry out the slicing of the PSD files. Slicing is also done in the image editing software like Photoshop. A number of layers are created in a single image so that a pixel-perfect WordPress theme can be developed for the client. After the PSD slicing process, a developer can then style the theme buttons, links and boxes. Then a format is chosen to save the gif or JPEG images thus created after slicing of the files.

3. Index.html and Style.css files:

A developer will now code the elements that were sliced in the second step. HTML/XHTML format is chosen for coding. Coding should always be done manually so that there are no flaws and the code is clean. This can’t be achieved with the tools that are available online and which promise saving time. Only a diligent coder with experience can create files like style.css as well as index.html.

4. PSD Integration:

We can call this step as very crucial which has to be done only by the experienced programmer so that PSD integration can be executed. Hire WordPress developer who has proper technical expertise for PSD integration. HTML helps the PSD design to come live on the internet for the world to see your website. CSS Programming is required because the web pages need to be styles properly with all the elements of the web page on place. If this step is not carried out carefully, problems related to online presence can arise.

5. Theme Integration

After all the above steps have been carried out by the developer as well as a designer of a professional and expert WordPress web development company, then is the time to integrate the theme properly. Some awesome customized themes of WordPress can be created by following these steps. This is one of the most important steps for creating great WordPress templates. After integration in this PSD to WordPress theme conversion process, the final theme is tested for delivery to the client.

Therefore, we got to know that a proper step by step guide has to be followed for perfect PSD to WordPress theme conversion process.

How a CMS-based Website Can Leverage Your Business

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With the advancement of the Internet and technology, the user behavior and market demands are also changing. Indubitably, this advancement has allowed businesses to reach a wider audience base with the Internet presence, and the advent of Smartphone and the latest mobile devices have equally contributed to the significance of online presence.

Whether you want to promote your products and services or you want to better understand your customers, boasting online and mobile presence will surely cater to all your business needs. It can be observed that businesses are efficiently widening up their reach across the globe with online marketing.

Since, the number of online users is increasing exponentially day-by-day, it has become imperative for every business professional to create their effective presence. The businesses from diverse domains are making strives to create a strong and remarkable presence to stay ahead of the curve.

The CMS (content management system) is a web development tool that facilitates one to efficiently manage their website content and layout no matter if they possess technical knowledge or not. There are numerous CMS including, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more which offers valuable features. You can streamline your choice by focusing on your business requirements and attributes of the CMS. Here is a brief description of different types of CMS.

1. WordPress: This is one of the most popular CMS that is being widely used across the world to support effective website management. In WP, plugins offer functionalities and themes are available to enhance the look and feel of the website. You can hire services like WordPress Design Integration & Customization Services and customize your website in a desired fashion. It facilitates cost-effective solutions and helps deliver outstanding user experience. Moreover, since the platform is search engine optimized, it makes the website search engine friendly. Thus, if the site has been developed and managed appropriately, the search engine bots can easily crawl your web content and index it with a better rank.

2. Drupal: It is an advanced CMS that supports enhanced features. Though, it is a bit hard to modify its script, but the remarkable features of the platform make it stand out of the box. These features include polls management, better menu management, advanced graphics modification tool. It supports several content types like podcasts , polls, statistics, videos, blogs, texts, etc.

3. Magento: This fabulous open-source CMS offers highly scalable and flexible results. It is massively adopted by truckloads of businesses as it utile facilitates online trading. You can create your very own e-store via this e-commerce platform and enhance your business values along with improved conversion rates and sales. This robust platform delivers secure and feature-rich web development. Whether you want to handle multiple websites or want to create a multi-lingual e-store, this CMS makes viable choice.

In Magento, extensions offer functionalities and themes provide captivating visual appeal. It also supports custom theme services, with which you can create a desirable theme to lend a fresh and trendy appearance to your online store. For this, you may choose Magento Custom Modules Development Services . The vast community of Magento helps maintain and develop the platform with superior capabilities and advancements.

Hence, these plentiful benefits of the CMS make it absolutely perfect for any business domain. Choose a suitable CMS and boost your business efficiency and widen your audience base.

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Opt for a complete website makeover by hiring trained Joomla developers

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In today’s huge crowd of content management systems, Joomla has emerged as a CMS that has been used for building websites and web applications with a difference. Whether you run a small-scale business enterprise or hold an established position in the business world, choosing Joomla developers for hire can enable you to reach out to maximum customers residing in different corners of the world. In this blog, I’ll be covering some interesting details about hiring proficient Joomla web programmers who are competent in revamping your website for a brand new look and feel.

Hire Joomla Developer

Joomla is versatile in nature

Joomla is a content management system(CMS) that has been successful in meeting the varied web development needs of different types of businesses. Some of the most popular spheres where Joomla has made a room for itself include corporate websites, online magazines, publications, newspapers, online reservations, e-commerce, schools, colleges, church websites, corporate intranets and extranets and many more.

Incorporating add-ons into Joomla portals is a less time-consuming process

As a powerful content management system, Joomla comes with built-in modules that can be effectively used for adding innovative functionalities into an existing web portal. If your existing Joomla portal has features that are of no use to you or to your visitors then it’s better to get rid of the same on an ASAP basis. Hiring the services delivered by a reputed Joomla development firm can work as a magic wand when it comes to eradicating unwanted features and functionalities from your existing Joomla powered website. If you’re thinking about getting a complete makeover for your Joomla e-store or corporate website, its recommended to hire a trained Joomla web programmer who’ll look after the same with utmost amount of professionalism and dedication.

Switching to a brand new look for your website is feasible with Joomla’s built-in plugins and extensions

Well, it’s definitely not an uphill task for the Joomla website administrator to make the required amendments to an existing website/web application. Joomla comes with a variety of plugins and extensions that can be easily utilized for changing the visual appearance of a website to something that is more appealing and puts a good impression upon the minds of the visitors. Proficient Joomla web programmers are skilled in overhauling your website in a way that renders it a brand new look which is both eye-catchy and engaging.

Website management flexibility is available with Joomla CMS

Upon activating your website with Joomla, you’re able to gather the flexibility of carrying out a number of functions such as adding new pages, editing the existing ones, placing links to the main menu or sub-navigation menu etc. Moreover, the easy-to-use administrative panel also enables you to upload pictures to the site and edit text to make the website friendly with all the major search engines. A highly renowned Joomla development company takes a lot less time on building your website with a brand new outlook. The trained Joomla developers make sure all the negative assets of your Joomla web portal are eliminated in a seamless way.


Highly skilled Joomla developers have the right talent for polishing your website in the right manner. The newly transformed website delivered to you is hence competent in meeting yours as well as your clients’ expectations in the best way.

Hire Magento developers for a fruitful online business

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Today, there’s perhaps no online merchant who hasn’t heard about the pros of powering an e-store with Magento. This effective open source e-commerce platform has been embraced by both, small-scale as well as large-scale online traders residing in different parts of the world. In this blog, you’ll get familiar as to how your decision to hire Magento developers can aid you in building a successful online business.

Magento renders complete control over the online business processes

Hire Magento Developers
Hire Expert Magento Developers

As an online business owner, you’d definitely want to have a full control over your business processes. Well, Magento is the e-commerce solution that lets you manage all your business activities in a flawless manner. You can easily choose to customize your e-store in terms of design and functionalities. Whether you want to alter the e-store’s theme or are inclined on adding a new functionality, Magento’s in-built features allow you to do all this and much more. The easy-to-use administrative panel of Magento makes room for anytime anywhere customization of the e-store as per the fluctuating business requirements.

Customized Magento plugins ensure 100% security of e-stores

Irrespective of whether you choose offshore Magento development or hire a full-time Magento developer, creating innovative Magento plugins helps in ensuring hacker-free status of the website. These customized plugins imbibe best security features into the Magento e-store and allow the owner to stay stress-free about its security from unauthorized access or hackers’ attack.

Adding innovative e-commerce utilities is possible with Magento e-store development

In today’s competitive world of online business, it isn’t sufficient to own an e-store. To overpower your competitors, it is essential to boost your e-store’s performance by adding an innovative set of utilities such as newsletters, multiple cohesive payment gateways, contact forms etc. Magento is the e-commerce platform that allows you to add such utilities into your e-store, without making a fuss. As already been stated, Magento is undoubtedly one of the finest e-commerce solutions that have helped online entrepreneurs build a reputation for their brand. Ranging from custom theme development and module development to custom page design and e-store management, Magento comes with laudable features that enable you to perform the same with utmost amount of ease and flexibility.

Hiring a proficient Magento developer is of utmost importance

As someone who’s looking forward to utilize the features of Magento, it is recommended to watch out for the credibility of the Magento developers who have been short-listed for selection. You need to be wary of all the after-maths associated with hiring someone who is simply working towards extracting loads of cash from you in return of delivering low-grade projects. Make sure to hire dedicated Magento web developers from a reputable firm that has been into the business of delivering top-grade Magento e-commerce development projects at the most affordable prices.

Drupal- An incredibly-effective CMS for developing content-rich web portals

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Nowadays, everybody is on a look out for the best CMS(Content Management System) that can be used for powering websites. In the crowd of CMSs available in the web market, finding one that suits your business message is quite challenging. Over all these years, it has been found that Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems(CMSs) that have been effectively utilized for powering web portals belonging to different genres. Drupal development outsourcing has become a popular trend among website seekers all over the world. Through this blog, I’ll be helping you understand the advantages of choosing Drupal if you’re thinking about building a content-rich website.

Drupal modules aid in combating Website Management jitters

The built-in modules of Drupal make way for easier and convenient management of websites. If you belong to the group of entrepreneurs who fear the effective management of their corporate website, then Drupal is the CMS that would enable you to manage your site in a flawless fashion. The CCK module included with the Drupal CMS allows you to add additional fields to the content type. You can also get engaged in using different versions of a single content on separate web pages.

Drupal CMS makes way for addition of innovative functionalities

Today, simply owning an e-commerce website doesn’t work for building a strong online brand presence. You need to ensure that your e-store has all the necessary installations and features which are competent in making it stand out from the crowd. Your e-store must be rich in features and functionalities that appear interesting to the visitors and they should choose to spend a good amount of time in exploring your store to the fullest. If you’re planning to choose drupal developers for hire, one of the most crucial aspects that needs to be kept in mind is the proficiency of the Drupal developer. Make sure to take a closer look at the developer’s portfolio before assigning him your Drupal website development project.

Add-ons that make Drupal a perfect choice for content-loaded websites

Well, it is quite challenging to manage websites that contain a large quantity of content in the form of audios, videos, text or special effects. Drupal is the content management system that has made this task of managing content-rich websites quite convenient. The easy-to-use administrative interface of Drupal lets you add/edit and delete content placed on different web pages. The add-ons available with Drupal CMS include:

  • Custom product options
  • A wide range of currencies and current conversion rates
  • Stock Management
  • Up-sells
  • Cross-sells
  • Linked products
  • Coupon codes
  • Shipping Methods API
  • Payment Methods API
  • Full-featured Shopping Cart
  • Fully customizable themes
  • Fully-customizable shopping cart

Why WordPress programmers are in high demand?

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Ever since the launch of WordPress, there have been drastic changes in the way websites are developed. Initially recognized as one of the best blogging platforms, WordPress has now been used for developing user-friendly websites. The growing demand for feature-rich websites has played a vital role in enhancing the success rate of web developers involved in developing WordPress CMS-based websites. As you read this blog, you’ll come to know about the reasons that backup the growing demand for WordPress programmers.

No CMS(Content Management System) can be compared to WordPress

WordPress Programmers
WordPress Programmers

When it comes to usability and extendability, WordPress has no comparison. Those who are associated with the web world strongly believe that WordPress can’t be compared to any other Content Management System(CMS). As one of the most elegant and dynamic Content Management System(CMS), WordPress is capable of meeting all your web development needs in the most suitable manner.

WordPress web development is pocket-friendly

While you’ve to lighten up your pocket when developing a website using a different CMS, choosing WordPress CMS development is a pocket-friendly approach to building truly excellent websites. It is quite easy to find WordPress developers who are ready to install the latest upgrades into your WordPress website.

WordPress renders flexibility to add endless functions into a website

Today, owning a website with numerous functions is probably the best technique of making a mark in the online world. Hiring professionally qualified WordPress programmers allows you to add numerous functions into your existing website. These programming professionals are well aware of all the nuances of adding special functionalities and features to your WordPress blog or website.

Hiring WordPress developers saves you from the hassles of hiring search engine optimization experts

In order to gather maximum visitors, it is important for a website to be friendly with Google and other popular search engines. WordPress is a Content Management System that is SEO Friendly. In other words, if you’re thinking about powering your website with WordPress, you need not worry about your site’s search engine optimization. Highly qualified WordPress coders are skilled in building websites that are compatible with all the major search engines including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. A WordPress powered website has the potential of turning your visitors into leads and sales.

WordPress developers build user-friendly websites

Choosing WordPress as the web development platform has been recognized as the best decision taken by entrepreneurs. The best part of owning a WordPress website is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part. Even a lack of technical knowledge can allow you to manage your website’s content(videos, audios, text, special effects etc.) in a brilliant manner. The easy-to-use admin interface makes way for faster and hassle-free website management.

Hire Joomla experts for an out-of-the-box online brand presence

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Joomla is undoubtedly a globally recognized content management system(CMS) used by web developers all over the globe. Backed by user-friendly features, Joomla serves as an excellent platform for creating eye-catchy yet dynamic websites. By choosing Joomla to power your website, you actually opt for effective website management. Hiring best joomla experts opens doors to utmost creativity in terms of website designing and development. You can easily convey your business requirements to these experts who’ll then build a website that will surpass all your expectations. After reading this blog, you’ll come to know about the pros of choosing Joomla for achieving an out-of-the-box brand visibility.


Complete freedom of customization makes Joomla popular

In today’s competitive business world where everyone is trying new ways of gaining an edge over his/her competitors, Joomla has outgrown as a web development platform that has everything that’s required for building a 100% unique and result-oriented website. Backed by a brilliant collection of built-in modules and extensions, Joomla enables web developers to create websites that score high when it comes to search engine ranking and visitors count. You can choose to perform a number of customizations to your Joomla powered website. These customizations can be performed using the convenient user interface that comes along with Joomla CMS(Content Management System). Whether its about investing in joomla theme customization or basic functionality incorporation, hiring trained Joomla developers will let you fulfill your requirements in the best possible manner.

Joomla programmers are experts in re-branding your corporate identity

Who doesn’t want his/her online brand to be on the lips of every customer? Everyone does. Well, if you too belong to this group of corporate professionals then hiring Joomla developers is an activity that will let you become the first choice of customers residing in different corners of the world. Corporate re-branding is a specialty of Joomla developers and you can benefit the most from it. Irrespective of what’s the current state of your business website, Joomla programmers will study and analyze key factors that can play a significant role in empowering your site. These professionals will be ready to go beyond limits when it comes to focusing on re-branding of your corporate identity online.

Joomla makes way for cost-effective website development

The best part of choosing Joomla for website development is that you need not spend a hefty sum of cash. The dedicated team of Joomla developers will build a brilliant website that will let you reach your targeted audience at no extra cost. Whether you’re looking for developing a shopping cart, an online staff login system, an online examination portal or any other web portal that needs to contain a lot of content, Joomla is the CMS that will allow you to fulfill your requirements instantly. Joomla web developers will work on your project taking into account the key functions of your organization. They will leverage maximum potential of Joomla CMS for creating awesome websites that rank high on all major search engine results pages. Joomla web development offers lucrative web design and development solutions that match the web requirements of different enterprises and individuals.


Joomla is the Content Management System that has served as the backbone for all the successful websites prevalent over the internet. You too can give your online business a new edge by powering it with Joomla CMS(Content Management System). There are Joomla coders who can let you enjoy a strong online brand presence via a dynamic website that’s equipped with eye-catchy and user-friendly features.