Learning Joomla the Hard Way!

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Despite of the world-wide popularity of Joomla!, there are certain number of early stage developers who are new to it. Joomla might sound as something alien to them. We shall call them the beginners. Many of us have a small business or a community that needs a web presence. Joomla can be of great use for that purpose.

So do you want to learn Joomla, the hard way? I call it hard way because there is no shortcut to success. You have to work really hard in order to achieve something extraordinary. If your answer is yes, well then we are about to start a very enjoyable journey.

Joomla! What?

Since, this is a beginners guide, let’s start by defining Joomla. In layman’s language, Joomla is software that lets you make and update web pages easily. Mainly used to create and maintain Websites, Joomla is a CMS tool that brings the content and template together to produce WebPages.

It is a well-tested, extensible and effective tool supported by community of Joomla programmers and developers.

Ok, Help Me Understand How Joomla! Works

Now that the term Joomla is not alien to you, let’s understand how it works.

Composed basically of a framework and a number of extensions, Joomla presents a number of usages. These extensions can be of several types and is capable of performing specific tasks. Although, some extensions are developed by Joomla (the company) itself and come with your installation. A large number of extensions are developed by various firms proving Joomla development services and other freelancing developers.

It is these extensions that enable you to add numerous features to your site. You can download and install more extensions.

It is similar to a computer operating system (OS), like Microsoft Windows or Macintosh. You don’t directly use the OS; you use applications (extensions) to carry out tasks. We can always install or remove additional applications (extensions).

Although you could spend a lifetime learning Joomla! There are several ways to get started. And, if you master the basics you will be able to make attractive and useful basic website in very little time.

How do I install it?

There are several ways to install Joomla in your system.

  • One Click Method: Many Joomla hosting companies offer one-click installation of Joomla to your system.

  • Conventional Method: This is along but sure-shot way to install a copy of Joomla in your system. You are required to download a copy of Joomla software zip file to your hosting account, unzip, create a database, and then run the installation. There is an installation guide in the downloaded copy of Joomla software which guides you through all the steps of installation.

  • Trial packs: This is similar to the conventional method. The only difference being that the trial account expires after 30 days.

You can always count on various installation forums for queries regarding installation.

What’s next?

Now that you have a basic knowledge of Joomla, You can explore it further by developing your own Joomla site. Make sure that it looks just the way you wanted.