Create Your Iconic Site with Joomla in Just Four Steps

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Joomla is an open source web content management system. It is a known fact. It is suitable to create all kinds of websites. You just need to plug in the right add-on to activate certain features. For example, if you want to activate social media networking feature in your website then you only need to find a certain plugin to activate this feature. Similarly, other features can also be activated in a Joomla using website. Even though, some business owners find it a troublesome CMS tool. It is a wrong perception of the ones, who do not understand the process of developing a site using Joomla. All such individuals or organizations should prefer associating with an experienced Joomla development company. In case, you want to do it on your own then you should follow below given steps.


Download the Joomla

At first, you need to download the recent version of Joomla on your website. The version of your CMS tool must be recent one to ensure high-end security and fluidness in your site’s operation.

Install Joomla on Your Site

You will have the requirement to install this CMS tool in your website. If you are unaware of this process then you can take help from tutorials. You can find all kinds of tutorials over web right from video to textual tutorials.

Install Joomla Theme

Now, you need to find a creative and appropriate theme for your business website. It will help you in giving a good look & feel to your website without investing a single penny on designing of your website.

Test Your Website

Now, you need to test your website in accordance of international software testing parameters. It will help you in launching a technically sound website.

Now, you are able to launch your website. You can do this in a simple manner.