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With so many CMS platforms available today, one can easily get confused while choosing the best tool. It would not be a wise move to adjudge one of them as best, as all of them are created so as to cater to different needs. It actually depends on the requirements you might have.


Now for those who want to start an online store, Magento is the best bet. Magento has been developed specially to create an online shop that can serve multiple online customers simultaneously. Also it allows you (the business owner) to change the setting while the site is still live. It’s like you can sell products even when your store is getting renovated. That’s the kind of power Magento provides you.

First launched on March 31st, 2008, Magento made headlined throughout out the world. Back then, we did not have any robust online platform that can be used to sell products and maintain data so precisely. Who knew that Magento will be so popular? Magento doesn’t merely provide a platform that can be used to set-up an e-Commerce website. There is a lot more to it. It presents your product catalogue so beautifully that user can’t resist buying something from your online store.

Not just for new business starters, Magento is equally useful to existing entrepreneurs who have physical stores and like to take it to the next level – Online storefront. Magento Programmers today can create e-Commerce websites as well as mobile apps by using Magento.

The popularity that Magento gained in a small period of time can be understood by the fact that eBay went on to buy the 100 percent shares of this publishing platform. Magento has recently surpassed 4 million downloads. Magento has always been promoted as one of the best business modules. eBay’s policies and approach to this software has always been fruitful to them. Their marketing and utilization techniques have made the software vital and widely accepted.

It is available as free. One can start using it instantly by downloading a free version. We also have advanced Magento e-Commerce Development that enhances the liveliness of the software. There are numerous organizations that offer Magento development services at affordable cost. A Magento development company uses Magento as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS).

Now that you know where to look for in order to hire a development company, all you need is to identify and outline the features you need to incorporate in your sites. There is literally nothing that you cannot do on your Magento site as far as your online business is concerned. You can manage everything from text, graphics, images, audio/video, etc, with one single dashboard.

Magento increases the level of control you have to manage everything from merchandising to promotions. You can practice some of the best Search Engine Optimization services to promote the visibility of your site. You can create your brand image by converting PSD as your website theme. This also ensures exclusivity of your site.

So if you are looking forward to having an online store at minimal cost. Nothing but Magento is the right option for you.


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