5 Result-Proven Tips To Rule the WordPress World

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WordPress brings along a number of challenges which if faced confidently can allow you to become the king of WordPress world. For all those who’re new to this industry, following certain easy-to-follow tips can definitely aid in gaining expertise in the arena. Through this article of mine I’ve made an attempt to make it easier for the newbies to get over the fear of using WordPress and its features. As the reading progresses, you’ll come to know that using WordPress is not that easy as it seems to be.


If you’re genuinely keen towards becoming a professional WordPress programmer then abiding by a certain protocol can help you achieve the desired results much faster. Listed below are 5 proven tips on becoming a WordPress pro:

Practice adding short codes to WordPress theme– Adding tricky codes to your post/page for repetitive number of times is what’s termed as adding short codes. You must gather proficiency in adding such short codes so as to add a tint of uniqueness to the WordPress theme you’re working with. In order to create a short code, all you need to do is open up your theme’s functions.php file and add the below mentioned code to it:

function wdl() {

return ‘Web Design Ledger rules!’;


add_shortcode(‘wdlrules’, ‘wdl’);

Once you’re done with the above process, you can now add this short code to any of the posts/pages on your WordPress website.

Gather hands-on experience in using Conditional Statements– In order to become a trained WordPress programmer do ensure to hone your knowledge about using conditional statements. Since the base of conditional elements is rooted in basic php codes, knowing everything about the web development tool can help you stay ahead of your counterparts.

Build theme-specific widgets– Since WordPress involves a lot of themes and extensions; it’s wiser to create theme-specific widgets which’ll help you customize the look and feel of a particular theme you’re working with. You can opt for different categories of widgets including- ad block widgets, related post widget etc. By having the flexibility of working with themes you’ll get an excellent opportunity of honing your WordPress skills.

Streamline the development process– To become a WordPress pro it’s absolutely essential to work as per a set plan. You need to schedule all your activities regarding the web development process and ensure to work by the same.

Maximize the usage of php codes instead of plugins– Unlike the usage of plugins which expects you to indulge in frequent download/install process; using php codes helps you save a considerable amount of time in addition to offering you the add-on knowledge about WordPress and its features. Go through this interesting article http://www.bin-co.com/blog/2009/04/show-related-post-in-wordpress-without-a-plugin/which makes you familiar with the technique of displaying related posts in WordPress without the usage of a plugin.

Well, yes there’s a lot you can actually do for improving your WordPress talent. With a never-dying passion for learning WordPress no one can stop you from becoming a professional. I hope the information furnished in this article would’ve definitely helped you open your vision about mastering WordPress Development.