5 Ultimate Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme

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WordPress has become the favorite of the developers in a very short period of time since it was launched as a blogging platform in 2003. While it was launched initially, it instantly connected well with the bloggers around the world because of the features that were introduced and provided a hassle-free writing platform for the bloggers to connect with the audience for free. WordPress did not begin as we it today- a power packed full-fledged CMS made to create websites by PSD to WordPress theme conversion and that too, in a very less time.


The free and paid templates and themes which can further be customized to the requirements of any business, Dynamism and robustness are the two USPs of this amazing powerhouse called WordPress. Customization is possible when you hire WordPress developer who can convert PSD to WordPress website in a very professional and step-by-step manner.

We are going to list out the steps below which are the prerequisites of any website. The PSD design files are converted, first to HTML and then to WordPress theme.

Let’s start out with the process using this the step-by-step guide:

1.Evaluation of the PSD design file:

A professional developer starts out by evaluating and reviewing the PSD design files. Customized design starts here. Even the design changes can be done if the files are opened in Adobe Photoshop software. In this very first step, a team of developers of the company also tries to comprehend the technologies to be deployed while executing the process to convert PSD to WordPress website.

2. Slicing PSD files:

After the PSD files are properly reviewed by the professionals in order to carry out the slicing of the PSD files. Slicing is also done in the image editing software like Photoshop. A number of layers are created in a single image so that a pixel-perfect WordPress theme can be developed for the client. After the PSD slicing process, a developer can then style the theme buttons, links and boxes. Then a format is chosen to save the gif or JPEG images thus created after slicing of the files.

3. Index.html and Style.css files:

A developer will now code the elements that were sliced in the second step. HTML/XHTML format is chosen for coding. Coding should always be done manually so that there are no flaws and the code is clean. This can’t be achieved with the tools that are available online and which promise saving time. Only a diligent coder with experience can create files like style.css as well as index.html.

4. PSD Integration:

We can call this step as very crucial which has to be done only by the experienced programmer so that PSD integration can be executed. Hire WordPress developer who has proper technical expertise for PSD integration. HTML helps the PSD design to come live on the internet for the world to see your website. CSS Programming is required because the web pages need to be styles properly with all the elements of the web page on place. If this step is not carried out carefully, problems related to online presence can arise.

5. Theme Integration

After all the above steps have been carried out by the developer as well as a designer of a professional and expert WordPress web development company, then is the time to integrate the theme properly. Some awesome customized themes of WordPress can be created by following these steps. This is one of the most important steps for creating great WordPress templates. After integration in this PSD to WordPress theme conversion process, the final theme is tested for delivery to the client.

Therefore, we got to know that a proper step by step guide has to be followed for perfect PSD to WordPress theme conversion process.


How a CMS-based Website Can Leverage Your Business

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With the advancement of the Internet and technology, the user behavior and market demands are also changing. Indubitably, this advancement has allowed businesses to reach a wider audience base with the Internet presence, and the advent of Smartphone and the latest mobile devices have equally contributed to the significance of online presence.

Whether you want to promote your products and services or you want to better understand your customers, boasting online and mobile presence will surely cater to all your business needs. It can be observed that businesses are efficiently widening up their reach across the globe with online marketing.

Since, the number of online users is increasing exponentially day-by-day, it has become imperative for every business professional to create their effective presence. The businesses from diverse domains are making strives to create a strong and remarkable presence to stay ahead of the curve.

The CMS (content management system) is a web development tool that facilitates one to efficiently manage their website content and layout no matter if they possess technical knowledge or not. There are numerous CMS including, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more which offers valuable features. You can streamline your choice by focusing on your business requirements and attributes of the CMS. Here is a brief description of different types of CMS.

1. WordPress: This is one of the most popular CMS that is being widely used across the world to support effective website management. In WP, plugins offer functionalities and themes are available to enhance the look and feel of the website. You can hire services like WordPress Design Integration & Customization Services and customize your website in a desired fashion. It facilitates cost-effective solutions and helps deliver outstanding user experience. Moreover, since the platform is search engine optimized, it makes the website search engine friendly. Thus, if the site has been developed and managed appropriately, the search engine bots can easily crawl your web content and index it with a better rank.

2. Drupal: It is an advanced CMS that supports enhanced features. Though, it is a bit hard to modify its script, but the remarkable features of the platform make it stand out of the box. These features include polls management, better menu management, advanced graphics modification tool. It supports several content types like podcasts , polls, statistics, videos, blogs, texts, etc.

3. Magento: This fabulous open-source CMS offers highly scalable and flexible results. It is massively adopted by truckloads of businesses as it utile facilitates online trading. You can create your very own e-store via this e-commerce platform and enhance your business values along with improved conversion rates and sales. This robust platform delivers secure and feature-rich web development. Whether you want to handle multiple websites or want to create a multi-lingual e-store, this CMS makes viable choice.

In Magento, extensions offer functionalities and themes provide captivating visual appeal. It also supports custom theme services, with which you can create a desirable theme to lend a fresh and trendy appearance to your online store. For this, you may choose Magento Custom Modules Development Services . The vast community of Magento helps maintain and develop the platform with superior capabilities and advancements.

Hence, these plentiful benefits of the CMS make it absolutely perfect for any business domain. Choose a suitable CMS and boost your business efficiency and widen your audience base.

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Why WordPress programmers are in high demand?

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Ever since the launch of WordPress, there have been drastic changes in the way websites are developed. Initially recognized as one of the best blogging platforms, WordPress has now been used for developing user-friendly websites. The growing demand for feature-rich websites has played a vital role in enhancing the success rate of web developers involved in developing WordPress CMS-based websites. As you read this blog, you’ll come to know about the reasons that backup the growing demand for WordPress programmers.

No CMS(Content Management System) can be compared to WordPress

WordPress Programmers
WordPress Programmers

When it comes to usability and extendability, WordPress has no comparison. Those who are associated with the web world strongly believe that WordPress can’t be compared to any other Content Management System(CMS). As one of the most elegant and dynamic Content Management System(CMS), WordPress is capable of meeting all your web development needs in the most suitable manner.

WordPress web development is pocket-friendly

While you’ve to lighten up your pocket when developing a website using a different CMS, choosing WordPress CMS development is a pocket-friendly approach to building truly excellent websites. It is quite easy to find WordPress developers who are ready to install the latest upgrades into your WordPress website.

WordPress renders flexibility to add endless functions into a website

Today, owning a website with numerous functions is probably the best technique of making a mark in the online world. Hiring professionally qualified WordPress programmers allows you to add numerous functions into your existing website. These programming professionals are well aware of all the nuances of adding special functionalities and features to your WordPress blog or website.

Hiring WordPress developers saves you from the hassles of hiring search engine optimization experts

In order to gather maximum visitors, it is important for a website to be friendly with Google and other popular search engines. WordPress is a Content Management System that is SEO Friendly. In other words, if you’re thinking about powering your website with WordPress, you need not worry about your site’s search engine optimization. Highly qualified WordPress coders are skilled in building websites that are compatible with all the major search engines including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. A WordPress powered website has the potential of turning your visitors into leads and sales.

WordPress developers build user-friendly websites

Choosing WordPress as the web development platform has been recognized as the best decision taken by entrepreneurs. The best part of owning a WordPress website is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part. Even a lack of technical knowledge can allow you to manage your website’s content(videos, audios, text, special effects etc.) in a brilliant manner. The easy-to-use admin interface makes way for faster and hassle-free website management.

Score high on website usability scale with PSD to WordPress conversion

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Each passing day is bringing in new improvements in the world of internet. Considering this rapid growth in the web world, it has become imperative for businesses to keep pace with the changing web scenario. Staying in touch with customers, understanding their expectations and delivering as per their expectations are some key aspects that need to be looked into. To sum it all, if you want your plain PSD website to become the first choice of customers then it is essential to switch from PSD to WordPress. In this blog, I’ll be offering you an effective insight on increasing a website’s usability via PSD to WordPress theme conversion process.

It is easy to manage a functional website with PSD to WordPress conversion

If you’re planning to build a functional website then its management must be bothering you from now itself. It is always better to switch the PSD theme of your website to WordPress. Doing this will not only render you the flexibility of managing the website’s functionality but even help you add new functionalities that can play a vital role in the site’s overall performance.

Improve your website’s facets via PSD to WordPress conversion

No one likes to visit a dull looking website. If your current website is based on PSD then you’ll probably have to suffer from a higher bounce rate. On the other hand, if you opt for a PSD to WordPress conversion, you can gain the freedom to design your website in a manner that suits your preferences, keeping your business goal intact.

PSD to WordPress conversion is possible with Zero Technical Know-how

One of the best parts of converting PSD to WordPress theme is that it doesn’t require you to master any coding skills. The easy user interface allows you to manage your website and perform a set of actions including addition, deletion and updation of web content.

WordPress websites can be accessed from any corner of the globe

Another key benefit of switching from PSD to WordPress is the flexibility to access the website from any corner of the world. WordPress powered websites can be accessed via internet by any person residing in any part of the world. The eradication of hefty HTML files makes way for effective management of website. All you need is a fast internet connection and you can access your interface, which can then be used for making minor and major changes to the site’s appearance and functionality.

Cost-efficiency is kept intact when you choose to switch from PSD to WordPress

With due consideration to the ever-growing popularity of WordPress, a lot of companies have started offering PSD to WordPress theme conversion services at extremely reasonable prices. Prior to choosing a theme conversion expert, make sure to check his/her background as to whether he/she has delivered successful PSD chopping projects in the past as well.


If you aren’t satisfied with the kind of performance rendered by your site’s current theme, then you can always choose to switch to WordPress. I’m sure by now, you’d have definitely got an idea about the many advantages that come along with PSD to WordPress conversion process. So, get going and switch to WordPress for a better conversion rate.

Give Your Business an Upper Edge with PSD to WordPress Conversion

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WordPress is extensively used by users as well as developers for creating personalized and business websites and blogging sites. WordPress comes with a wide range of features and built-in blogging platform and plugins and much more, which helps in making WordPress powered websites more user-friendly and feasible. Additionally, the cross-browser compatibility and SEO friendly nature of WordPress sites further makes WordPress a befitting choice for building a website based on the WordPress platform.

Well, you might want to use your WP site to give your business an upper hand over your competitors. But merely having a WordPress website isn’t enough to get you success in your business endeavors. You need much more than a WP site. The best solution is to opt for PSD to WordPress conversion.

There are a host of benefits that PSD to WordPress conversion offers, such as:

Cost-Efficiency: Converting PSD to WordPress helps you reach to prospective customers in a highly-effective way. This is because WordPress is free and easy-to-use CMS that is easy to navigate. By converting PSD to WordPress Theme – small and medium-sized businesses only needs to make a one-time investment. This is because you can design a Photoshop in accordance with your business requirements and later convert it to a WP theme, which saves your time and money that you might have spent – otherwise in making changes to the design of your site.


SEO Semantic Coding: Converting PSD to WordPress ensures to make your site SEO-compatible. It is important for a site to be SEO complaint in order to rank higher in the search engines, and if your WP site is missing some SEO plugins the conversion process that each and every SEO element in your site is properly structured and organized. A website with well-structured and optimized coding, grabs attention of the search engine crawlers easily. Converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme ensures that your website is equipped with appropriate SEO rich keywords and meta-tags in the back-end that helps in improving your site visibility on various search engines.


Integration of Social Media and Other Services: Conversion of PSD to WordPress theme file gives you the advantage to link your WP site with several social media sites – a surefire way to attract traffic to your site. This isn’t the end! The conversion process also enables you to add several important sections to your WordPress site ranging from newsletters, to online payment gateways, diverse type of contact forms, brochures and much more.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

W3C Validation: This is a crucial advantages offered by PSD to WordPress conversion. You can convert a PSD file with W3C-compliant standards to a WordPress theme, ensures delivering a bug-free and well-structured site that helps in better performance of the site.


Though converting PSD to HTML files is quite simple, but conversion of PSD to WordPress can be quite complicated. Thus to ensure successful conversion of PSD into a functional WordPress theme, it is imperative to make use of advance coding and good programming skills. Therefore, it is advisable that you must take help of professional PSD to WordPress conversion services.

Create a lasting brand awareness via HTML to WordPress conversion

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Is your website’s theme in synchronization with your brand name? If yes, then you’ve probably been lucky in choosing the perfect web development platform for your website but if your answer is “No” then it’s high time for you to switch your existing site’s theme to one that’ll help you score big in the world of online business. This article is dedicated to all those site owners who’re losing on potential customers merely due to a plain HTML site. I’ll be offering you information on how you can improve your brand awareness online, by simply choosing HTML to WordPress theme.

What new does HTML to WordPress transformation bring in for your website?

As an excellent open source CMS, WordPress offers you the flexibility of customizing the look and feel of your website to produce a distinctive brand image that a plain HTML template will not be able to achieve. With a wide range of free and premium templates to choose from, WordPress allows you to hone your site’s overall performance by a great fold. The variety of WordPress widgets allows you to make the website easy-to-use for different kinds of customers.

Employing skilled and experienced WordPress developers is vital

Transforming your HTML site to WordPress template is a tedious task and requires expert guidance. Hiring experienced WordPress builders becomes mandatory when you’ve decided to switch from HTML to WordPress. Customizing your newly-transformed WordPress website requires professional expertise and can’t be undertaken by a non-techie. A trained WordPress developer is the one who’ll assist you in accomplishing your target by customizing the website as per your business demands. He/she will not only comprehend the requirement of your company but will even strive to establish a unique presence for your brand, over the World Wide Web.

Regular website customization is the new trend in online business

As compared to the limited customization possibilities available with a HTML website, a WordPress powered website has a lot in store for people who love customizing their websites on a regular basis. It’s quite interesting to note that websites that are customized on a regular basis fare well as compared to the ones that are updated after long intervals of time. Well, Google simply loves websites that are updated on a frequent basis. Fresh images, fresh content, fresh links etc. make a website rank high on all the popular search engines. With HTML to WordPress theme conversion, you can easily opt for frequent customization of your website. WordPress CMS offers you the flexibility of changing the color scheme, content, images etc. to help you keep your site up and running as per the latest online market trends.


Finding an efficient CMS solution is not an easy job and when you’ve WordPress round-the-corner why indulge in unnecessary hassles. All you need to do is hire a skilled WordPress developer who’ll proffer comprehensive HTML to WordPress conversion services that’ll take your corporate website to a whole new level of success. Make sure the developer you hire is well abreast with RSS Feeds, permalink set-up and Meta tagging that needs to be performed for ensuring the unstoppable growth of your online business.

WordCamp- Your Destination for Flawless WordPress Knowledge

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WordPress has truly become one of the most sought-after web development platforms amongst web developers all over the world. Whether it’s about building a plain informative website or a complex corporate website, WordPress allows you to get a site that’s well in synchronization with your expectations. If you too are a WordPress lover then attending WordCamps is what’ll suit you the best. These WordPress informative events are held each year, with the sole aim of allowing global WordPress users to come together and share their experiences of working on different versions of WordPress. Attending a WordCamp is a must for you if WordPress is in your bones. Keep on reading this article to know how you can gear up for attending one.

The popularity of WordCamps is growing with each passing day

Now that you’ve embraced WordPress, it’s time to gather maximum expertise in using the tools that the web development platform brings along. In addition to the traditional WordCamp held in San Francisco, you may choose to attend well-organized WordCamps in Miami, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dayton, Asheville, Norway and Prague. The dates for upcoming WordCamps at these places can be conveniently found on the WordCamp Central site i.e. http://central.wordcamp.org/ . Here, you can find links to the respective event’s official website. In addition to this, you may even follow @wordcampsf on Twitter for all the latest updates and information regarding WordCamps held in different countries of the world.

Pen down the WordCamp details in your events calendar

Looking at the growing demand for WordPress development services, it won’t be wrong to say that WordPress is indeed going to rule the world of web development in the forthcoming years and hence WordCamps will also continue to stay alive. WordPress community members will keep on organizing and attending WordCamps for the benefit of the entire community. With 2014 knocking our doors, it’s time for you to pen down the details of all the WordCamps you intend to attend. Right from the names of event organizers to the venue and timings, try including as many details as possible. Doing this will allow you to schedule your work commitments in a planned manner.

The year 2014 will witness WordCamps in 5 new countries

In addition to the already existing WordCamp organizing countries, the year 2014 will witness the organization of these WordPress events in five new countries including Nashville, Netherlands, Connecticut, Hamburg and Slovakia. So, if you’re planning to attend multiple WordCamps in 2014, this list will aid you in making the right decision.

Booking tickets early is crucial

Irrespective of the number of WordCamps you intend to attend, it’s always better to book the tickets well in advance. The growing popularity of WordPress development services portrays a brighter future for WordPress users. These WP professionals are always on a look out for latest information on WordPress and what else than attending WordCamps can help them with this. So, if you’re a WordPress fan who’s never attended a WordCamp, booking your tickets well in advance will help you plan your work schedule and travel.


WordCamp offers you the opportunity of connecting with WordPress fans from all over the world. So, grab your tickets now and attend a WordCamp that’ll help you hone your passion for unveiling the deep secrets of WordPress web development.