Learning Joomla the Hard Way!

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Despite of the world-wide popularity of Joomla!, there are certain number of early stage developers who are new to it. Joomla might sound as something alien to them. We shall call them the beginners. Many of us have a small business or a community that needs a web presence. Joomla can be of great use for that purpose.

So do you want to learn Joomla, the hard way? I call it hard way because there is no shortcut to success. You have to work really hard in order to achieve something extraordinary. If your answer is yes, well then we are about to start a very enjoyable journey.

Joomla! What?

Since, this is a beginners guide, let’s start by defining Joomla. In layman’s language, Joomla is software that lets you make and update web pages easily. Mainly used to create and maintain Websites, Joomla is a CMS tool that brings the content and template together to produce WebPages.

It is a well-tested, extensible and effective tool supported by community of Joomla programmers and developers.

Ok, Help Me Understand How Joomla! Works

Now that the term Joomla is not alien to you, let’s understand how it works.

Composed basically of a framework and a number of extensions, Joomla presents a number of usages. These extensions can be of several types and is capable of performing specific tasks. Although, some extensions are developed by Joomla (the company) itself and come with your installation. A large number of extensions are developed by various firms proving Joomla development services and other freelancing developers.

It is these extensions that enable you to add numerous features to your site. You can download and install more extensions.

It is similar to a computer operating system (OS), like Microsoft Windows or Macintosh. You don’t directly use the OS; you use applications (extensions) to carry out tasks. We can always install or remove additional applications (extensions).

Although you could spend a lifetime learning Joomla! There are several ways to get started. And, if you master the basics you will be able to make attractive and useful basic website in very little time.

How do I install it?

There are several ways to install Joomla in your system.

  • One Click Method: Many Joomla hosting companies offer one-click installation of Joomla to your system.

  • Conventional Method: This is along but sure-shot way to install a copy of Joomla in your system. You are required to download a copy of Joomla software zip file to your hosting account, unzip, create a database, and then run the installation. There is an installation guide in the downloaded copy of Joomla software which guides you through all the steps of installation.

  • Trial packs: This is similar to the conventional method. The only difference being that the trial account expires after 30 days.

You can always count on various installation forums for queries regarding installation.

What’s next?

Now that you have a basic knowledge of Joomla, You can explore it further by developing your own Joomla site. Make sure that it looks just the way you wanted.




How to Find Industry Best Drupal Programmers

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If you are going to hire an experienced programmer to create your website with Drupal then you have reached on a right article. In this way, you should follow all the steps mentioned in this article. For your information, Drupal is an open source web content management system. You can use distribute, and remold this tool easily. Thus, you do not need to pay anything in return of using this ultra modern CMS tool. It is a perfect tool for making all kinds of websites.

Make A Good Site With Drupal


It is a good question to ask because almost everybody knows that this is an interesting tool for making website but only few knows the way of making a giant site out of this tool. Technically, it allows object oriented coding. Therefore, you can easily create requirement-based feature for your business organization. You need to follow below given steps to hire a credible developer.

  • You should define your key requirements from your website in a lucid manner.

  • You should hire Drupal programmers of high standards.

  • You must sign an agreement with your programmers for the appropriate development of your website.

By following above bulleted tips, you will be able to take Drupal development services from excellent programmers.

Governments Are Loving Drupal, What Stops You

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Emerging as globally accepted open source web content management system, Drupal is ruling open source software arena dominantly. The phenomenal acceptance from renowned government agencies is tending business organizations to accept this tool as web content management system. You cannot find high functional stature like Drupal in any other open source web CMS tool. Currently, it is powering some about 7% of total CMS using sites of the world. The users of this CMS tool include Whitehouse.org, European Union’s American Chapter site, and multiple other government sites. The acceptance of these high-level authorities provides enough evidences about high technical stature of this CMS tool. You can take Drupal development services for creating your business site with this tool.

This is the product of an open source project. Therefore, you can use this tool as a freebie in your website. However, you will need the assistance of an expert programmer. An expert coder will help you in installing this web application in your website. Post integration, you will be able to manage your site’s content in a simple manner. Apart from this, you will also be able to promote your site.

Top Five Government Sites built with Drupal

Drupal is gaining popularity with Governments all over the world.

White House


Data Gov Uk


Prime Minister of Australia

This open source CMS tool provide plenty of features for increasing the popularity of your website but you need to use your skills and hold interest in increasing the momentum of your site. In this way, you should always keep your site ready with interesting and attention seeking contents. Your content should be attention seeking for your customers. Further, you should keep the content keyword rich to grab the attention Google robots. Such content will earn good Google ranks for your website.

Further, you should also try to channelize your web contents to multiple guest blogging sites. It will create a cloud of content, directed to your main website. However, all the content distributed by your site should be highly interesting and resourceful for your customers.

Considerably, Drupal will help you in conducting all online reputation management tasks in a quick and professional manner. You can manage your site from anywhere in the world. You can keep your official social media portal updated in an easy manner. It will help you in developing highly intelligent ties with your fans & followers.

After reading about the process of making your site, you can hire Drupal developers for creating an impressive site with this CMS tool. In case of custom modules, you should use your business understanding for developing quality modules for your site.

How To Fix Traffic Issues of Your Joomla Site in Three Steps

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Are you losing the virtual momentum of your Joomla website?

Is Your Website Professionally Optimized for Current Day Cyber Competition?

Well, the majority of business owners will node their heads in agreement. This is one of the most trusted open source web content management systems. It has earned a recognition for its uniquely search engine friendly web architecture. But, business organizations face decline in the traffic of their Joomla websites. Therefore, it becomes important to talk about the process of bringing high volume online traffic at your website. Technically, the strategy plays a real role in bringing a large pool of online visitors. And, here is a strategy, which can help you in getting the way to virtual success with your Joomla site.

Add a Blog in Your Site

In concurrent world, it has become important to carry a blog along with the official website. From content marketing point of view, it does not look good to post detailed contents on the base site of your business organization. The customer visits your site to get data driven information about your business organization instead of detailed notes. Therefore, you should try to add a blog in your website. The blog should be updated on alternate or weekly basis to keep your blog fresh with new contents. With the help of your blog, you can keep posting new contents on frequent basis and earn high rankings for your website. The blog will also come in use for inter-linking to your main website.

Optimize Your Joomla Site

It is necessary to get all the tools to impress Google spiders with your technical soundness. For this purpose, you should add required back-end strengthening components in your website. You can find all kinds of components as freebie. So, You just need to download the plugins from web. In this way, you should install plugins after proper testing because third party plugins can carry bugs. So, you should check the plugins. In this way, you might have to take professional services for proper testing of your freebie plugins in case of your unawareness of testing process of Joomla components.

Integrate Your Website with Social Networks

You must integrate your website with all social networking websites. Fortunately, Joomla provides the social media integration as an inbuilt feature. So, you just need to fill your social media account credentials in the dashboard of your website. The addition and authorization of app will connect your site with all leading social networking sites. Moreover, you should understand the importance of this integration in order to bring social media networkers on your Joomla website. Additionally, your social media handles should be updated many times a day for availing fruitful results.

After reading this process of online marketing of your Joomla website, you can sit and keep yourself ready for catering the demands of your targeted audience. In case, you are not in capable of adding Joomla components on your own then you can outsource Joomla development to remotely located coding agency. It will be a cost-efficient process of furbishing your site with required stuffs. However, you should try to find credible Joomla programmer for development of an interactive components. You just need to keep your eyes open while taking these services.

What is the Hype about Migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.1?

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Joomla logo
Joomla logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you hear the latest buzz in the web arena? It is about the highly favored content management system- Joomla. There is an ongoing debate between Joomla owners on whether they should migrate from version 1.5 to version 3.1 or not? As the community upgraded Joomla 3.1 with redefined features last month, business owners are wondering whether they should switch to the upgraded version or not? While many users are still to switch to 3.0 upgrade released in 2012, the launch of 3.1 has further fuelled the confusion. But, wait! What is there to be confused?

Just like every other upgrade of the CMS, this one will also incorporate some enticing features. You can analyze these features, check if they match your requisites and thus decide whether you wish to opt for the migration or not. Therefore, here is an overview of some amazing features included in Joomla 3.1, which will help you decide about the big switch.

  1. Tags: The community has integrated tagging into the all core components of Joomla 3.1. This easy to use feature enables developers to easily add tags to the new extensions that they develop. Moreover, the best part is that since the tags are shared, you can implement tagging across various content. Nesting is also possible in tags, which means each tag has at least one parent tag and several children tags.
  2. Visible Logs in Debug Console: This feature is a true gift for developers who take care of the debugging process of an application. With the inclusion of this feature, developers will be able to see logged messages as well. With Joomla 3.1, you can do exactly this.
  3. Pagination in Search Component: As you search for items in Joomla, the results are listed but not in an organized manner. However, there are features like “Show Results” and “Order by Views”, but many users have complaint that their server does not support these and show 500 Error. However, the community has worked on this and included pagination in com_search component. This has made search simplified.
  4. Goodbye GeShi Plug-in: Finally, the community has done away with the Ge-Shi plug-in. The plug-in was disabled by default in the earlier versions and had no potent use. Besides, its huge Ge-shu library had occupied ample space and was not well-maintained. However, the good news is that the plug-in is not present in the CMS anymore, which has helped in making the CMS leaner.
  5. Installation of Refactor: In this most recent version of Joomla, a refactor has been installed, which will aid in using MVC classes and new applications. Yes! The legacy system has been finally done away with. This change will pose zero backwards compatibility issues, as there will be no use of the installation application post the initial installation.

Switching to Joomla 3.1 is not a small decision. Therefore, before you make the big switch, it is advisable that you make a note of all the aforementioned features and decide whether the upgraded version suffices your requisites or not. Once you have made your decision, you can consult an Offshore Joomla Development firm that can assist you with the migration process and complete it in a hassle-free manner.

Sorry Mr. Google! I Don’t Need You Anymore for Traffic Generation

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googleanal_1Admit it! Creating a blog is easy but maintaining it always proves to be an uphill battle. And generating significant amount of traffic further adds to the pain. Improving the traffic influx on your WP site or blog is an art. A dab of creativity along with a dash of SEO knowledge- this is all you need to lure visitors to your blog. This post works out 5 legitimate ways to increase the number of visitors on your blog. But before we jump onto them, here’s something you must be mindful about.

A Reminder…Just referring to different traffic generation methods isn’t enough. You need to implement them as well and most importantly you need to be consistent in your efforts. Remember, you are competing with more than 50 million blogs out there and you need to focus on the 371 Million visitors who are viewing these blogs regularly. Thus, the effort you put in also has to be a Million times more. Forget all about who you are and when you began your WordPress venture- just focus on what you are rendering to your visitors.

Let’s Get to Work! … Now that you are geared up to puff your blog to new heights, here are 5 simple methods which will help you in getting your blog noticed.

  1. Busiest Men Have the Most Leisure, So Invest All Your Time in What You Write. The content on your blog interacts with your visitors on your behalf. And anyone will get annoyed reading a write up which is packed like sardines with typos and grammatical errors. Such posts test the patience of your readers. No! You don’t need to be a pro to develop quality content, but you definitely need some time. If you don’t have enough time to spare, it’s better to hire a professional who can create, proofread and manage the content. As you publish quality articles in a consistent manner, you will surely surpass your competitors and your blog will prove to be a successful marketing tool.
  2. Focus on the Bull’s Eye. Search engines have certainly altered the way people search for a particular product or service. They take que from the search trend and determine the course of search of each user even when they are not searching for any appropriate or approved topic. This method is increasingly turning into a fad for online researchers and internet marketers, especially as long tail keywords continuously fetch traffic to a concentrated number of sites and blogs. You need to keep a track of this trend as you design your blog’s content. Think from your visitor’s perspective and then devise something which solely targets your customer base.
  3. Video-fy you’re Marketing Strategy: Videos are extremely effective and the 1 Billion unique users who visit YouTube every month testify this statement. Thousands of bloggers out there have got hold of this trend and incorporated videos in their blog to engage more viewers. You can also shoot 2 to 4 minutes of videos related to your blog post and upload them. But ensure that you add some information regarding your blog at the bottom of your video. This will prompt users to visit your blog as per their convenience and gather some additional information. This will enhance the viewership of your WordPress blog and you may also earn some extra bucks.
  4. Look a Million Dollars: The aesthetics of your blog are equally essential. Haven’t you heard of the beauty with brains concept? Choose an appalling and well-designed WordPress theme or hire a professional designer to work on the look and feel of your blog. A horribly designed blog isn’t going to lure any visitors no matter how high quality content you have put in there. So be careful as you choose the cover for your blog.
  5. Straight from Forums: Sign up and join some notable online forums and share some intellectual and valuable content over there. This gives you an opportunity to add signature of your blog in the discussion thread which you start. However, you can’t get your posts published on a forum. You just get the signature line to promote your blog. This is a great way of improving the traffic on your site, but be consistent in your approach. Provide at least two forum posts per day. And, ensure that you join a forum which caters to your niche.

Bingo! You have finally cracked the key to increase the number of visits on your blog and that too without seeking any help from search engines. Simply incorporate these methods in your online marketing strategy and see the daily visits on your WP site rocketing to new heights.